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Automatically email top alerts on a weekly basis


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Every day I'm sending an email with that day's top alerts.
I'm manually looking through Perfherder & writing it by hand, which is tedious and consumes a couple minutes. But we could easily automate this.

I'm thinking of adding a new "Top alerts" view, next to Graphs, Compare & Alerts views. It would provide 2 different reports: Today's top alerts & Current week's top alerts, by querying a new endpoint we'll also provide.

The view should also have a button "Copy to clipboard", which will basically Ctrl+S a markdown report of the report the user currently selected.

The Current week section will allow us to also send weekly summaries of what happened up to the last 5 working days.

All reports will only present alerts which are >5%, by default. Ideally, this can be made explicit by an optional threshold query param.

The reports will sort by alert type (regressions > improvements), percent magnitude, platforms (windows > osx > linux).
Each section will have these columns: type (regression/improvement), alert id, percent magnitude, test, platform, state (untriaged, investigating etc), bug (if there's one).

Dave, we now have the monthly reports. Is there any use in keeping this bug open?

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I would still like to see a weekly summary of the worst regression alerts, though I'm not sure if this needs to be a Perfherder view. If we could automate a weekly email that would be ideal.

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Summary: Add new "Top alerts" view → Automatically email top alerts on a weekly basis
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