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Implement download related Chrome policies


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Firefox 68
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Chrome supports these substitutions. We should do something similar (although we have no easy way to get username or machine_name). Maybe we should support ${home}? We definitely should have ${downloads} And maybe we can parse the user's home directory to get a username?

// This function is used to expand the variables in policy strings that
// represent paths. The set of supported variables differs between platforms
// but generally covers most standard locations that might be needed in the
// existing used cases.
// All platforms:
// ${user_name} - The user that is running Chrome (respects suids).
// (example : "johndoe")
// ${machine_name} - The machine name possibly with domain (example :
// "")
// Windows only:
// ${documents} - The "Documents" folder for the current user.
// (example : "C:\Users\Administrator\Documents")
// ${local_app_data} - The Application Data folder for the current user.
// (example : "C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Local")
// ${roaming_app_data}- The Roamed AppData folder for the current user.
// (example : "C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Roaming")
// ${profile} - The home folder for the current user.
// (example : "C:\Users\Administrator")
// ${global_app_data} - The system-wide Application Data folder.
// (example : "C:\Users\All Users\AppData")
// ${program_files} - The "Program Files" folder for the current process.
// Depends on whether it is 32 or 64 bit process.
// (example : "C:\Program Files (x86)")
// ${windows} - The Windows folder
// (example : "C:\WINNT" or "C:\Windows")
// ${client_name} - The name of the client as reported by the WTS system.
// (example : "clientone")
// ${session_name} - The name of the session as reported by the WTS system.
// (example : "WinSta0", "RDP-Tcp#1")
// MacOS only:
// ${users} - The folder where users profiles are stored
// (example : "/Users")
// ${documents} - The "Documents" folder of the current user.
// (example : "/Users/johndoe/Documents")
// Any non recognized variable is not being translated at all. Variables are
// translated only once in every string because for most of these there is no
// sense in concatenating them more than once in a single path.

Type: defect → enhancement
Priority: -- → P1

I only implemented ${home} since we can't do username.

We can pursue the rest if necessary.

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Add download related policies. r=jaws,flod
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Target Milestone: --- → Firefox 68

Emil, can you please take a look?
Thank you!

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This is verified fixed using Firefox 68.0 (BuildId:20190704163141) on Windows 10 64bit, macOS 10.15 and Ubuntu 18.04 64bit.

Sorry for the late response.

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