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test_dynamic_reflow_root_disallowal.html improvements


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The flex item tests in this file are completely broken...

First, there's a typo in the flex container style when concatenating:
"... teal" + containerSizeDecl since you end up with
"... tealinline-size:..." etc.

Second, none of the tests actaully test anything at all, which
you can see by removing the "+ subtest.candStyle" part on the
reflow root candidate -- the test still pass! The reason for
that is that its child (inner) has a solid purple border so when
changing its size it will render differently and make the test
pass regardless of any change that we intended to test.

After fixing those two bugs it turns out that two of the subtests
don't produce a rendering change at all, so those tests are bogus
and needs to be rewritten. (I'm commenting them out for now.)

BTW, good news about the grid-column/row-start/end properties though...
They return nsChangeHint_AllReflowHints:
which contains nsChangeHint_ReflowChangesSizeOrPosition:
which always causes a reflow of the parent:

So it should be possible to make grid items reflow roots as long as all
item properties like that include the ReflowChangesSizeOrPosition bit.

We still can't make subgrids reflow roots of course, but I'll fix that

nsChangeHint_ReflowChangesSizeOrPosition [...] which always causes a reflow of the parent

Well, that's according to its documentation at least...
I haven't checked if we try to optimize that away at some point though.

Depends on: 1508420
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part 1 - Fix broken flex layout tests.  r=dholbert
part 2 - Add some grid layout tests.  r=dholbert
Closed: 5 months ago
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