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[meta] Target.getBrowserContexts


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Keywords: meta
Whiteboard: [method=Target.getBrowserContexts]

Currently we return an empty list. Maybe the ContextualIdentityService offers a method to return the custom identities to return.

The question is whether the list it returns contains every contextual
identity, including the default ones like ‘Shopping’ and ‘Facebook’,
or if it just returns those created by the browser at runtime.

If the first is true, we need to maintain some state in the remote
agent keeping track of which contextual identities we create.

Or even better we contribute to the contextualidentity component and add a new method which only returns the custom identities. Personal I'm more included to fix that at the lower level as having to write workarounds in the remote protocol.

Used in Puppeteer in Launcher.connect(), so it seems to be necessary for Gutenberg and the alpha release.

Whiteboard: [method=Target.getBrowserContexts] → [method=Target.getBrowserContexts][puppeteer-alpha]

Doesn't appear to block anything essential in either Puppeteer or Gutenberg. Launcher.connect works sufficiently well without it at this time.

No longer blocks: puppeteer-gutenberg
Whiteboard: [method=Target.getBrowserContexts][puppeteer-alpha] → [method=Target.getBrowserContexts]
Component: CDP: Page → CDP
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