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Reports of YouTube being broken for some users of Firefox 66.0.4


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Seeing a few reports on Reddit of YouTube breaking after add-ons come back with 66.0.4.

"I updated and all add ons are back, but now my adblocker makes all youtube videos error and black screen for like 20 seconds before the video loads." Link)

"pdating to 66.04 from 66.03 has caused all YouTube videos to fail to load. Just a nice spinning grey circle in the middle of a black screen." Link)

I've asked for further clarification in the threads.

The second user came back and reported that disabling "Block websites from automatically playing sound" fixed the issue, but those symptoms don't match what I would expect from audible autoplay blocking's normal functioning.

Came across a third report. That user also reports that states that autoplay blocking resolved their issues.

Meanwhile, the second user above came back to report that they were able to re-enable autoplay blocking and everything continued working fine afterwards.

It might be a red herring, but we did use Normandy to gradually enable blocking by default in Firefox 66 (Bug 1535667). We should've hit 100% a month ago, but maybe there are still some lingering interactions there?

Indeed we did use Normandy to roll out the block autoplay feature in 66. We did reach 100% long time ago (I would have to check for the exact date). That means the default value for block autoplay in 66 is still allow all video with sound to be played. So from that perspective these user reports don't appear to make much sense. But I certainly can not claim that I understand the potential side effect of the expired cert and Normandy settings.

67 is going to be the first release where block autoplay is enabled inside the Firefox binary (independent of Normandy).

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Hey Dan,

Is this issue still reported by users and would require investigations?

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I haven't seen this specific issue resurface in the past two weeks, but I have seen a constant trickle of "issues" that appear to be audible autoplay blocking working as designed on YouTube.

I believe we can close this.

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Sounds good, will close it. Thanks!

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