report failure to load stylesheet due to MIME type mismatch

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I'm going to attach a patch that reports the failure to load a stylesheet due to
a MIME type mismatch to the error console.  We've discussed this a few times,
and I finally broke down and did it.  (Do we have another bug on this somewhere?
 Oh well.)

I'll probably want to move the main added function somewhere else when I work on
localizability of CSS parser error messages.  However, for now, I'll just put it
where it's needed.

I probably need to do more magic than I just did to add a new  It works
on Linux, though.  (Does Mac need babysitting?)
Priority: -- → P2
Target Milestone: --- → mozilla1.1beta
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patch, v. 1.1
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patch, v. 1.1

>+                         NS_ConvertASCIItoUCS2("").get(), /* file name */
>+                         NS_LITERAL_STRING("").get(), /* source line */

They're both NS_LITERAL_STRING now in my tree.
bug 113399 is the orig; dup whichever way is more convenient.

Do we want to use or get the URI from the nsIChannel and GetSpec
on that?  Also, is actually ASCII?  Or UTF8?
Blocks: 113399
GetName seems to be equivalent for all the ones that actually are also
nsIChannel.  You're right that it's probably UTF8, though.  I'll fix that...
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patch, v. 1.2
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patch, v. 1.3

Add changes to so the Mac will stay happy too.
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patch, v. 1.4

Refactor a bit.  Use URI rather than Name.  Change status to error, and add
warning for case where we do load.  (I'd rather use warning and info, but
nsIScriptError doesn't have info -- we only seem to do that for generic console
messages, perhaps.)
> + *  @param aErrorName     The name of a string in
> + *  @param aParams        The parameters for that string in
> + *  @param aParamsLength  The length of aParams.

Fix this to match the actual params the method takes and r=bzbarsky

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16 years ago
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patch, v. 1.4

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Fix checked in 2002-07-01 20:11 PDT.
Last Resolved: 16 years ago
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Madhur, if you're going to plaster "[whitebox]" over bugs, please at least don't
do it for bugs that are easily verifiable.
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