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Proofpoint console issue (source file could not be read)


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Steps to reproduce:

When viewing an email in the console select Options -> Save Message

Actual results:

Error message comes up "<file> could not be saved, because the source file could not be read"

Expected results:

Click ok to save the message. Works fine in other browers, and again, was working well until 2 updates ago.

Component: Untriaged → Console
Product: Firefox → DevTools

I don't think this is console related.

silence_is_best, I think you are trying to open the .part file, which means the download wasn't over.

Component: Console → General
Product: DevTools → Firefox

Thanks Nicolas, but I'm actually not doing anything at all...that popup comes up with no interaction...I don't even have a chance to hit Ok to save before that message comes up. Any movement on this by the way? Not assigned yet I see...latest 67 version has the same issue.

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:Dolske, could you have a look please?

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(In reply to silence_is_best from comment #0)

was working well until 2 updates ago.

Could you please find a regression range?

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Priority: -- → P5
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