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[css-grid] repeat(auto-fill/fit) needs to take box-sizing:border-box into account for the input sizes


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The columns are sized with repeat(auto-fill, 100px).
The spec says

if the grid container has a definite min size in the relevant axis, the number of repetitions is the smallest possible positive integer that fulfills that minimum requirement.

The min size is 210px, but note box-sizing: border-box; padding: 5px. Then,

  • With 1 repetition, the outer size would be 5px + 1*100px + 5px = 110px, which doesn't fulfill the minimum
  • With 2 repetitions, the outer size would be 5px + 2*100px + 5px = 210px, which does fulfill the minimum.

So there should be 2 columns, but there are 3.
The other axis behaves as expected, and there are 2 rows.

Note that in Chromium there are 3 columns and 3 rows, but this is being addressed in http://crrev/c/1588388

Summary: [css-grid] auto rows ignore box-sizing → [css-grid] auto columns ignore box-sizing
Keywords: testcase
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Summary: [css-grid] auto columns ignore box-sizing → [css-grid] repeat(auto-fill/fit) needs to take box-sizing:border-box into account for the input sizes
Assignee: nobody → mats

There are some WPTs for this, but they depend on having a working offsetLeft/offsetTop (bug 400258)...

Depends on: 400258
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[css-grid] Take box-sizing:border-box into account when calculating the input sizes for repeat(auto-fill/fit) track count.  r=dholbert
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