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CascadingDropDown causing infinite refresh


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As of release 65, one of our closed to members sites started exhibiting behavior that renders the site unusable. The page in question has two sets of three cascading drop down menus that are populated by our database. Selecting the first of the three causes the page to reload as expected, however after selecting anything from the second drop down menu, the page starts refreshing continuously and indefinitely.

At first glance, it seemed that the page was loading the default value into the second drop down, then changing it to whatever was selected. This would trigger the "onchange" event and cause the page to refresh again. However, after stepping through the process on older releases, this doesn't seem to be the case.

Another suspect was the fact that Firefox was automatically setting the onsubmit and submit methods for the asp form to WebForm_SaveScrollPositionOnSubmit() and WebForm_SaveScrollPositionSubmit() respectively. This does not happen in IE or Chrome and this issue does not happen on those browsers.

Attached is a video of the issue we are experiencing. Once again, using Mozregression I was able to run the site on releases 64 and earlier with no issue whatsoever.

We need a public testcase, either as URL or attached as html.

You already used mozregression ?
Please use mozregression with nightly builds and post the changeset IDs from the last good and first bad build.

Severity: blocker → normal
Component: General → Untriaged
Flags: needinfo?(jsinner)

Lost good changeset ID: fd650d58
First bad changeset ID: 24d820f4

Public testcase will take some time.

Flags: needinfo?(jsinner)

Hi @jsinner, in order to test the issue please provide a viable TC (test case). Thanks for your contribution.

Flags: needinfo?(jsinner)
Component: Untriaged → Responsive Design Mode
Product: Firefox → DevTools

This doesn't look like a DevTools / Responsive Design Mode bug; moving back to Untriaged.
If that changes with a reduced test case, we'll look into it.

Component: Responsive Design Mode → Untriaged
Product: DevTools → Firefox

Hi @Razvan, as I said above, since I don't have a TC for testing I cannot do nothing out of adding a component to it. If the one added wasn't a proper one I will set another one. Thanks

Component: Untriaged → Layout: Form Controls
Product: Firefox → Core

Hi @jsinner, please provide a TC, link or something in order to test the issue. Thanks

(In reply to jsinner from comment #2)

Lost good changeset ID: fd650d58
First bad changeset ID: 24d820f4

Public testcase will take some time.

That's bug 329509.

Component: Layout: Form Controls → DOM: Events
Flags: needinfo?(mcaceres)
Regressed by: 329509

Ok, yeah... need some kind of minimal test case to figure out what's going on there. At least we can go from bug 329509 to figure it out

Flags: needinfo?(mcaceres)
Priority: -- → P2

hi,is it open?

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