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Add a general test to make sure we return the correct change hint for all css properties in CalcDifference()


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When adding a new css properties, we have to make sure CalcDifference() return the correct change hint, as least nsChangeHint_NeutralChange if any of the css property is changed.

For example, we change offset-distance in an outer element. If the inner element inherits the value, it should also be changed:

<div id="outer" style="offset-distance: 10px">
  <div id="inner" style="offset-distance: inherit"></div>
  assert_equals(getComputedStyle(outer).offsetDistance, "10px");
  assert_equals(getComputedStyle(inner).offsetDistance, "10px"); = "30px";
  assert_equals(getComputedStyle(outer).offsetDistance, "30px");
  assert_equals(getComputedStyle(inner).offsetDistance, "30px"); // this should pass if we return NeutralChange.
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Note: The current try doesn't catch this if someone or I forget to add this change hint.

Assignee: nobody → emilio
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It was missing the cases where you changed values, but not count, and the image
was not visible, like:

mask-image: none;
mask-mode: match-source, match-source;

Then change mask-mode to match-source, alpha, for example.

Even if we do nothing, we need to know if the value actually changed to see if
we need to propagate it to descendants that explicitly inherit it.

Depends on D31568

Can you check that cherry-picking these patches catch the bug?

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(In reply to Emilio Cobos Álvarez (:emilio) from comment #5)

Can you check that cherry-picking these patches catch the bug?

Checked the patches based on offset-distance, and run the test. Got something like this:

Unexpected Results
  FAIL Diffing for offset-distance - Diffing for offset-distance: assert_equals: Didn't handle the inherited change correctly? expected "10px" but got "0px"

Yes, this test (i.e. these patches) catches this bug. :)

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Fix image layer diffing. r=jwatt
Diff overflow-anchor values. r=jwatt
Add a test that tests computed style diffing using the property database. r=jwatt
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