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[Feature request] use single folder for bookmarks


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Steps to reproduce:

Feature Request to use a single folder for bookmarks.
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This bug touches on so many levels. Maybe it already exists?
This is similar although not identical:

Actual results:

Currently Firefox uses the following folders:

  • Bookmarks Menu
  • Bookmarks Toolbar
  • Unsorted Bookmarks
  • Mobile Bookmarks

Expected results:

Use a single Bookmarks folder and make users happy.

What's the use of al lthose folders for bookmarks? Do users really differentiate their bookmarks depending on the end-device they were using at the time they decided to bookmark something? I don't understand what purpose this distinction serves. Why separate mobile bookmarks in the first place?

Is a separate unsorted bookmarks folder needed? They could go on the top level of the Bookmarks Toolbar in case a user wants to sort them later.

What is the bookmarks menu? I read but still fail to understand what purpose that folder has. The KB mentions those bookmarks would appear in the sidebar. Ok, but if I look at the sidebar the Bookmarks Toolbar items also appear. So why have yet another folder which users don't understand which purpose it serves.

I might be misunderstanding the concept behind current bookmark management in Firefox. But I have wondered about the way Firefox handles bookmarks for years. Safari uses a single folder for bookmarks. That's a concept users understand and it avoids so much overhead and unnecessary complexity.

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The requested change is so large that it's not worth having a bug for it, it needs a complete project with planning, resources, likely starting from a UX project. As such, while I totally agree with the vision of a simpler system, this as a bug is not actionable.

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