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Allow modules to be compiled directly from UTF-8


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Templatize {Script,Module}ParseTask by Unit as a step toward enabling off-thread parsing of UTF-8 source.  r=arai
Make StartOffThreadParseTask accept UniquePtr<ParseTask> and not just a raw ParseTask* borrowed (gulp) from one.  r=arai
Rename one CompileModule overload to ParseModule to make it easier to distinguish them, both mentally and in searches.  r=arai
Add ParseModule and CompileModule overloads for UTF-8.  r=arai
Begin fleshing out off-thread script/module compilation support for UTF-8.  r=arai
Make JS::CompileModule return the module directly, rather than by outparam duplicative of a boolean return value.  r=arai
Add a JS::CompileModule overload for direct UTF-8 compilation.  r=arai

Whoops, I added some JSAPI entrypoints but not implementations of them. Let's get on that.

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Define off-thread compilation APIs, of modules and scripts, for UTF-8.  r=arai
Keywords: leave-open
Duplicate of this bug: 1552980
Duplicate of this bug: 1543819
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