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[css-fonts] font-size:xxx-large


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A resolution was made for csswg-drafts/#3907.

[css-fonts] font-size:-webkit-xxx-large

  • RESOLVED: Add `font-size: xxx-large` to Fonts level 4


This is basically replacing the #[css(skip)] here by #[css(keyword = "xxx-large")], and then add tests.

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Ya I'd like to pick this up 👍 2 questions though, what exactly should I be testing for and where should the tests be placed?

Not on my laptop atm, so leaving a ni? so I don't forget to reply. Please feel free to do it yoursel in the future, bugmail is easy to miss :)

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(In reply to hgallagher from comment #2)

Ya I'd like to pick this up 👍 2 questions though, what exactly should I be testing for and where should the tests be placed?

Thanks! So, you should test at least that it parses, and that it computes to what you expect.

For the first, adding the value to property_database.js would be enough.

For the second, we should probably add some reftest to Web Platform Tests, something like:

<font size=7>Foo</font>

Should be equal to:

<span style="font-size: xxx-large">Foo</span>.

You can probably crib from existing tests in testing/web-platform/tests/css/css-fonts and add a new one. has documentation on how to write reftests, but let me know if you have any question.

Thanks again!

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I've asked in the chromium bug whether there are any other tests that they're working on. If not, some parsing tests would be nice on Web Platform Tests, but probably not required.

That's perfect thanks!, it's enough to get me started anyway

Tests that you can test that should test the property database include test_value_storage.html and co (see all the tests that include that script in layout/style/test).

Just a bit of an update. . .I haven't done anything with this yet because I was given a coding project to do as part of a job application last week so that took up all my time and I've just been given another today for another job application so it could be next week before I actually get round to this.

Sure, that's fine, thank you so much!

If hgallagher isn't actively working on this, I'd like to be assigned to this :)

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Ya you can take it, I haven't got a chance to do anything on this, 1 of the coding projects I did has led to a job offer in the Netherlands and most of my time now will be spent getting ready to move country so I won't have much spare time to work on this

Yes, please go ahead then!

Let me know if you have any questions.

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Depends on D41240

Summary: [css-fonts] font-size:-webkit-xxx-large → [css-fonts] font-size:xxx-large
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Nevermind, I just saw comment 17.

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This has been documented; see for a description of the changes.

Let me know if you think anything else needs to be said.

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