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CSS `contain` needs to inherit from table to table-wrapper-box


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table elements have an anonymous table-wrapper-box which wraps the table-caption and the table, and the table-wrapper-box is the real child of whatever the table's parent-element is.

We need to have contain styling be inherited through from the table to its table-wrapper-box, like we do for lots of other properties. Right now, layout containment and paint containment don't work on tables because we fail to do this.

Here's a testcase that currently fails but will pass when we fix this bug.

This testcase will be included with my patch as WPT "contain-paint-table-002.html". (I'll also have a -001 test which I'm not bothering to attach because it already passes by virtue of the fact that we do honor contain:paint on the table box itself.)

As for contain:layout, that is already covered by this WPT test (which we currently fail):

The second item in the final row is an inline-table, which is mispositioned due to this bug here. This bug here will fix that issue, and bug 1552287 will fix the rest of that test.

Blocks: 1552287
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