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Give ability to link to about:newtab


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When users are done setting up Sync and are on a page from, Firefox should provide them with the ability to Start browsing by giving them a link to about:newtab. In other words, give the ability to open about:newtab.

Bug 1461407 explicitly made about:home not linkable from web content (where about:newtab was already not linkable). I would think if we want to allow to navigate to about:newtab, it would need to be some special action that Firefox watches from a whitelist of allowed sites.

See Also: → 1461407

There's a UI tour action to open about:newtab, "showNewTab", added in bug 1322726? We could use that somehow, by giving uitour privileges to . However, we should be careful about exactly how we do that per bug 1539595 and friends...

Not sure whether this belongs in accounts or activity stream, but it's surely not general. Please move as necessary.

Component: General → Firefox Accounts

We also have a pattern where the web content can send a WebChannel messaging requesting the browser to open some specific pages, which we use for linking out the sync prefs:

We could add another message specifically for "open about:newtab", and some more info the fxa_status handshake so that knows whether or not to show the link.

It's not clear how to prioritize this work though.

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