Make accessiblecaret dispatch events more asynchronously.

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Instead, post the event for the next turn of the event loop.

In this case, what killed the frame is ActionBarHandler.jsm via

Depends on D31088

I think these should hold, everything that runs under them should just schedule
other stuff to some later date:

  • Synth mouse events -> scheduled as refresh driver observers.
  • Scroll events -> Scheduled as well.
  • Caret state change events -> Also scheduled after last patch.
  • IME and accessibility stuff -> I don't think they can reenter layout.

We can always revert this if it causes troubles, plus it shouldn't crash on
release so should be fine.

I'll land all patches but the first in a separate batch and separate bug for
regression tracking purposes.

Pushed by
Bug 1549812 - fix testAccessibleCarets.js to account for more async event dispatching. r=TYLin
Pushed by
Bug 1549812 - Don't run arbitrary script from AccessibleCaretManager callbacks. r=TYLin
Bug 1549812 - Try to assert a bit harder about stuff not flushing under our nose. r=TYLin,mats
Priority: -- → P3
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