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Collect some information about the DOM during BindToTree.


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We want this to prototype improvements to paint scheduling.

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Depends on: 1555216

This is intended to give a reasonable number that scales with the amount of
content in a website, for scheduling purposes.

This effectively counts the amount of text connected to a document that isn't
likely to be inline style or script.

Potential improvements:

  • Maybe have some more heuristics for hidden elements, like presence of the
    hidden attribute?

  • Maybe skip whitespace-only text? This does a pretty good job anyways because
    whitespace nodes are usually pretty small (like a couple newlines and
    spaces), so they don't add too much to the number.

  • Add some weight to some elements? Maybe images should have a fixed weight,
    for example. Though you don't want 0x0 images and such to count... Maybe we
    should add to this heuristic out of band when processing image loads or some

  • Handle shadow DOM and such better? Right now Shadow DOM and XBL are always
    assumed visible as long as they're connected. You can in theory do
    something like stash a <div> inside a <style> element, attach a
    ShadowRoot and such, and append a bunch of stuff inside. But I don't think
    it's something we should be particularly worried about.

  • Probably add some check to CharacterData::AppendText as well? Otherwise this
    undercounts when loading big amount of text arrives via the network, for
    example, but also I'm not sure we're optimizing for log files and such so it
    might be ok.

In any case, this gives us a heuristic that we can iterate on later. This does a
pretty good job at representing the amount of content in the examples over here:

For example for:

You get an output like the following if you print the heuristic after each bind
operation (and de-duplicating them):

3 // Some whitespace in <head>
4 // Some whitespace in the <body>.
65547 // Actual content injected by the first script.
65548 // Some more whitespace.
131085 // Actual content injected by the second script.
131087 // Some more whitespace.

I'm not a fan of what clang-format has done to my code btw :)

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Add some heuristics about visible content in a document. r=bzbarsky
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