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PDFjs not using printer settings for Page Orientation


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Steps to reproduce:

Have MX Linux with 2 printers set up.
One printer is configured to Landscape. The second printer is Portrait.
Using PSjs to Print PDF to 2 different Label Printers.

Actual results:

Each time a printout is done, the Job needs to be manually set to the correct Orientation. FF/PDFjs is remembering the orientation (maybe others also?) from the previous print job.
Tried refreshing/clear cache before each print job, but still an issue.
FF/PDFjs is not using the defined settings for the printer, but instead is just remmbering the previous settings.

Expected results:

ALL printer settings should be pulled from the Printer configuration not remember the last setting. Or at lease the ability to set it to do so.

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This report relates to Linux MX 18, and FF 67.0.

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