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Lost tabs after upgrade to 67.0


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Steps to reproduce:

Set "restore previous session" in settings
Keep 20+ opened tabs in previous FF version
Automatic upgrade to 67.0 64-bit version
Restart new FF
All previously opened tabs are lost.
Restore tabs from old backup session file.
Restart FF
Again all tabs are lost.
Reinstall FF from PC and remove all temp files.
Restore tabs from old backup session file.
Restart FF
Again all tabs are lost.

Actual results:

After the upgrade and FF restart, I lost all my previously opened tabs.
Then I restored them from the last session-backup file stored in my FF profile folder. This worked until I restarted my FF when all my tabs were lost again. Only remains open all the time.
This happens to me on my 2 PCs, both Windows 10 64bit 1803.
FF Sync is turn on between these two PCs.
I tried to reinstall FF and then copy the backup session file into my new profile folder but I got the same results, I lost all my sessions again after the FF restart.

Expected results:

FF should not lost previously opened tabs.

Component: Untriaged → Session Restore
Keywords: dataloss

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You're right, Firefox should not lose previously opened - sorry that happened.

Thanks for posting your about:support contents - I can't see anything suspicious in there, except the anti-virus software I don't know about. Any particular reason you're not using the built-in anti-virus software?

Have you tried reproducing it with a fresh profile? You can read all about that over at

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Priority: -- → P3
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