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Add a comment for why we're storing the scalar name in KeyedScalars


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In bug 1555798 Alessio noted that we should add a comment to KeyedScalar to explain why we're going through the dance of storing the scalar and then getting the info based on the name when we want to allocate a new scalar.

In short it's because references to BaseScalarInfo aren't guaranteed to be safe if they're DynamicScalarInfos (because their underlying storage is an nsTArray that can reshuffle its data).

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Hello Chris:

I would like to volunteer to help add this comment to the code.


Great! I have assigned this bug to you. Let me know if you have any questions.

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Hey Chris I have posted the patch on the Phabricator, let me know if everything is Ok with it.

Hi Chris, thanks for the review, I would like to contribute C++ code.

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Added comment to explain that we store the scalar name in KeyedScalars because references to BaseScalarInfo aren't guaranteed to be safe if they're DynamicScalarInfos.
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