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Add tests to ensure separate tabs with partitioning get partitioned storage


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Right now the partitionedstorage_head.js test suite verifies that the storage/communication APIs work correctly before/after partitioning. But we also need tests to ensure that the partitioning itself correctly separates data from different top-level origins. It would be nice to extend PartitionedStorageHelper with the ability to verify that storage in tabs from separate top-level origins is actually separate.

I propose the following:

  • Add a new function to PartitionedStorageHelper call runPartitioningTest() as the entry point for the new tests.
  • In the new tests, open two top-level tabs from two different origins, and verify that the third-party storage in each tab lives in its own universe, and when they both call the storage access API they're moved to the same universe.
  • Extend each of the browser_partitioned* tests with calls to this new entry point function.
  • It could be that we come across new bugs in some of these tests. Where needed, comment out tests that do not pass yet and file bugs on enabling them later on to be able to land this test before all of those bugs are fixed.

Andrea, do you feel like taking this? Thanks!

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Add tests to ensure separate tabs with partitioning get partitioned storage, r=Ehsan
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