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UI should display busy cursor while content is loading


(Core :: DOM: UI Events & Focus Handling, enhancement)

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Take a page, form, whatever, that is relatively long to load, say:

During the wait, there is no busy cursor.

There should be, IMO.

You'll get a "Waiting", on the (what was) status bar, bottom left, which you're not likely to see.
You'll get the "bouncing balls" in the tab, which you're not likely to see.

As it is, on a slow, long loading page, quite often I'll find myself in a "what's going on here" situation, not realizing that something is still happening - because there is no obvious (or at least too obvious) indication that something is actually happening.

A busy cursor would provide that feedback.
(For that matter, to clue me in, I'd actually take the page going opaque ;-).)

Not that I understand all the nuances mentioned here, Bug 72556, UI should not display busy cursor while content is loading, I'd take that to be the antithesis of the above :-).

And before you ask, Chrome does not show a busy cursor either.

Type: defect → enhancement
See Also: → 72556

Showing busy pointer/mouse cursor while website page content is loading isn't good idea in my opinion, as it won't be helping in anything, only disturbing workplace per eye catchy animation and being nuisance while website page content is loading when user will be wanting to precisely press some button or hyperlink.

Severity: normal → minor
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