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taint error in SendSQL when called from ValidateBugID


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ValidateBugID makes sure the ID is valid in a way that doesn't detaint it. 
ValidateBugID needs to trick_taint/detaint_natural the ID.
Attached patch patch v1: fixes problem (obsolete) — Splinter Review
It's a blocker.  Bugzilla doesn't work now.  This is a regression from bug 99203.
Assignee: justdave → myk
Severity: normal → blocker
Keywords: patch, regression, review
Target Milestone: --- → Bugzilla 2.18
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patch v1: fixes problem

Actually, what you should be doing is doing |my $alias = $id|, then instead of
the regexp against [1-9][0-9]* do if !detaint_natural($id) && ... and have the
code in the if use $alias instead of $id.

You need the copy because detaint_natural modifies its arguments.
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The bbaetz way.  Presumably the $id BugIDToAlias returns is non-tainted by
virtue of having been returned from the database.
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I'll probably be away from the computer Thursday (July 4).  Feel free to check
this in on my behalf if it gets review and I'm not around to check it in.
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patch v2: bbaetz' way

This looks ok. Unfortunately, I can't test, cause it turns out that $::FORM is
_NOT_ tainted under perl5.6.1. This is probably why I/myk didn't pick this up

See for my
bugreport on this. 

I have a workarround, which I will be submitting for 2.16 unless the perl bug
people have a better solution.

r=bbaetz, but only 1x because of that
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bbaetz- What does this have to do with 2.16?  This is a regression from the fix
for bug 99203 (bug aliases) , which only went into 2.18.  By "only one review",
do you mean to say that I can check it in (since 2.18 patches require only a
single review by default) or that a second is required?
It means that I can't actually test, so you should get review from someone with
perl 5.6.0 (or 5.005) who can.

My 2.16 comment was referring to bug 155793, which is why I can't test this
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patch v2: bbaetz' way

Actually, I now have a fix for the other bug, so I can test this.

r=bbaetz x2
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Checking in;
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