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Remove [array] use in xpidl from chat/


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Summary: emove [array] use in xpidl from chat/ → Remove [array] use in xpidl from chat/
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I believe this makes all the required changes. I tested this with the following:

  1. Create an IRC account on moznet.
  2. Join a channel (and also join that channel from another client).
  3. Type "/<tab><tab>" should show a list of commands that are accessible.
  4. Type "/list<enter>" and you should have another conversation open with a list of all channels.
  5. Hover over a participants name in the conversation UI and more information should pop up.
  6. Restart your Thunderbird.
  7. Rejoin the same channel.
  8. Ensure you can view the historical conversation from the logs.
  9. In the account list, right click on one and click "Copy Debug Log".
  10. Paste this somewhere and ensure there's content.
  11. Add someone to your contact list and ensure status, etc. is working properly for them.
  12. Double click on the person in your contact list and a conversation should open.
  13. Type a message that's too long for a single IRC message (you'll see the counter appear in the bottom right when you get close).
  14. Send the message and ensure both clients see the same content (and that it is properly broken up).
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LGTM, this is pretty nice cleanup! r=mkmelin

::: chat/components/public/imIConversationsService.idl
@@ +93,5 @@
>  [scriptable, uuid(3f88cc5c-6940-4eb5-a576-c65770f49ce9)]
>  interface imIMessage: prplIMessage {
> +  attribute boolean cancelled;
> +  // Holds the sender color for Chats.
> +  // Empty string by default, it is set by the conversation binding.

For these, please update to jsdoc style documentation comments. /** */
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(In reply to Magnus Melin [:mkmelin] from comment #2)

For these, please update to jsdoc style documentation comments. /** */

Filed bug 1581202 as a follow-up to do this.

I'll land it with the next lot.

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Remove [array] use in xpidl from chat/. r=mkmelin

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Keywords: checkin-needed
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