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Log timestamp from page load recordings


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We'd like to increase the visibility of when page recordings are updated. A first step would be to extract and log the timestamp from the recording. For mitmproxy, the recordings have many matches for 'timestamp' so we should just find an appropriate and consistently available match to convert to date/time for logging.

Priority: -- → P2
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This will require some changes in different places:

  1. Raptor studio:

Update raptor studio record plugin to save the current date in the json file it creates at record time.
This is added in pull:

the format of the json should be:

  "record_date": "",
  "protocol": {
    "": "HTTP/1.1"
  1. Update Alternate server replay to read the new json format
  2. In Raptor before starting the proxy check if the Json file is available and output the date the recording was made in the logs.

This will pave the way for accessing other information about the recordings

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Log timestamp from page load recordings r=perftest-reviewers,Bebe
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The only message I have seen in the logs doing a quick manual inspection is:
16:41:04 INFO - raptor-main Info: Playback recording information not available.

Hi! Did you inspect a test that runs a recently recorded site? Old recordings don't have a json file from where the recording information is being taken.

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No, I was just looking at the test runs associated with this patch as it is unclear to me what other runs should include this data. Is there a specific test in there I should be looking at with a recently recorded site?... In any case I will setup some automation to look at them all.

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I think that there were no tests that had a json file, except the one for Netflix I guess. We started re-recording after this patch landed.

Here's an example from treeherder:

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