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Description for non proxy-ing localhost


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(In reply to :Gijs (he/him) from comment #24)

There were at least 7 bugs filed about this behaviour (see bug 1535581 and dupes) since it hit release. That's quite a lot.

Junior, should we consider adding some text underneath the box that says something to the effect of "localhost never uses the proxy"?

We need a text. Right now it says:

No Proxy for
[field goes here]

I would suggest that we add a second line under the example that says "Connections to localhost,, and ::1 are never proxied", iff the magic about:config pref is not set.

We probably want to add some vertical spacing after that text to ensure it's clear it applies to the "no proxy for" textbox. How does that sound?

(I would normally ask Meridel to help with the text, but this is so technical / niche / seen by so few people, that I'm not sure it's worth her spending time on it.)

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I'm with you with the text and space.
To confirm:
You don't want to show the second line if the magic pref is not set?

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Oh I see the "iff"

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