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Enabled/Disabled headers in about:addons shouldn’t be reused for each subcategory


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The strings addons-enabled-heading and addons-disabled-heading in toolkit/toolkit/about/aboutAddons.ftl are currently reused in each sub-category of the add-ons manager.

Instead, we need a pair of strings for each subcategory as the gender of some category names can vary and the translations need to match that gender. Example of what we would need in French below:

  • Extensions (Feminine, plural)
    Activées / Désactivées

  • Themes (Masculine, plural)
    Activés / Désactivés

  • Plugins (Masculine, plural)
    Activés / Désactivés

  • Dictionaries (Masculine, plural)
    Activés / Désactivés

Blocks: 1514316
Mentor: mstriemer
Priority: -- → P3

These strings [1] should be updated to include the add-on type. The string is used in aboutaddons.js [2]. Including the add-on type instead of "addon" at the start of the string should suffice. The .ftl file will need to be updated with the following strings, all the same in English:

extension-enabled-heading = Enabled
extension-disabled-heading = Disabled
theme-enabled-heading = Enabled
theme-disabled-heading = Disabled

The type should be:

  • extension
  • theme
  • plugin
  • dictionary
  • locale


Keywords: good-first-bug

Add separate subcategory headers for Enabled/Disabled to about:addons.

Hi, so I had a crack at this but wasn't entirely sure that mochitests (or any tests) cover this change... I ran the mochitests for toolkit/mozapps/extensions and nothing appeared broken. Plus I used different values for each category initially just to check that the changes appear in the correct places on the addons page. Not sure what else I could have done however... Apologies in advance if I did anything glaringly wrong in the JS, it's been a while.

As per the suggestions in Phabricator's comments on the patch I've amended the accepted commit to include some tests. I wasn't sure whether updating the commit directly flagged it up for review again so commented here.

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Add individual subcategory Enabled/Disabled headers in about:addons. r=fluent-reviewers,mstriemer,Pike
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Closed: 3 years ago
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Thanks so much for the patch, Neil! 🎉 Your contribution has been added to our recognition wiki:

Would you be interested in creating a profile on I'd be happy to vouch for you!

Thanks Caitlin. Profile created! You can find me here on Mozillians. :)

Thanks, Neil! Your profile is vouched. :)

Welcome onboard! We look forward to seeing you around.

Verified the fix using the latest Nightly (70.0a1/20190826190904) under Windows 10 Pro 64-bit and macOS High Sierra 10.13.6.

The fix has been verified on two locale versions of Nightly, RO and FR. The strings for each subcategory has been changed to properly reflect the appropriate gender, thus confirming the fix.

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