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Track 3D/2D_ARRAY texture data invalidation by-slice


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Currently, if you create (e.g.) a 2D_ARRAY texture and populate it slice-by-slice, you get this warning when populating (clear, (copy)texSubImage, blitFramebuffer) the first slice:

Error: WebGL warning: texSubImage3D: Texture has not been initialized prior to a partial upload, forcing the browser to clear it. This may be slow.

Now, when we resolve a texture as complete for drawing, we'll need to ensure that all slices either have been populated, or clear them ourselves. However, we should expect well-behaved apps to have populated all the slices, and if they don't we should definitely issue a warning.

The max-sizes here are medium sized, about 2k-4k.

2kbits is 250bytes, so it wouldn't be so bad to store a bit-vector of some type.

Before this patch any partial upload to a texture would incur
a zeroing of the texture first to prevent leakage of information.
The texture now tracks, for each image not fully initialized,
which z-slices have been initialized, and only zeroes the rest
of the slices when the texture is used.

I haven't done any perf testing or big optimizations, but I wanted to make sure that the general layout of the changes is acceptable.

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Allow efficient slicewise upload of 3D textures r=jgilbert
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Well, I'm not a fan of that being a -Werror, but I suppose it does make the copy clear. (Though in this case, I would generally prefer const auto& to say "whatever's most efficient")

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Allow efficient slicewise upload of 3D textures r=jgilbert
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