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Adding breakpoints in blackboxed files should un-blackbox the file


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(Reporter: Harald, Assigned: arosenfeld2003)


User Story

When adding a breakpoint in a blackboxed file, I want the file to be un-blackboxed, so that the breakpoint works.


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The disabled state of the debugger is not well explained, as seen in bug 1564913 and the discourse thread.

Debugger also do not disable all ways to add breakpoints in blackboxed files. Context menu still works, popping up both dialogs for log and conditional points. The added breakpoints are not shown as the file is blackboxed. Un-blackboxing makes them magically appear.

To simplify, similar to how we decided to treat Skip all Pausing, files that users decide to pause in by setting a breakpoint should be simply un-blackboxed.

I'd like to work on this. I have a preliminary solution that will 'un-BlackBox' a source if user clicks a breakpoint. I still need to implement sharing this with the SourceTab and the Footer Component so they display the newly 'enabled' state of the source (the correct 'eyball' icon).

I just wanted to confirm that this is a viable solution. I agree that the current BlackBoxed state is very unclear, and could easily lead to confusion about inability to set breakpoints. On the flip side, it does seem a little awkward to alter the BlackBoxed state with a breakpoint click, when the user might not be expecting this.

Would appreciate any insights or suggestions.

Thanks so much!

Sure Alex! Feel free to open a work in progress phabricator patch and we can go from there!

If user clicks gutter to add a breakpoint in tab of a blackboxed file, the file should be un-blackboxed.

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Un-blackbox a file by adding a gutter breakpoint. r=davidwalsh
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