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Centralize property restrictions for pseudo-elements, and don't apply it for UA sheets.


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Having the flags on each property makes it hard to audit for spec conformance.

Also, making them apply in UA sheets means we have to mark some properties as applying even though they don't, and then we have to remember them in UA sheets.

I was hacking with the placeholder styles for bug 981248, and this patch makes it much nicer / less brittle.

And remove some of the ::placeholder and ::cue hacks where we need to use
!important to make the property not apply for content but apply on UA sheets.

The comment about the white-space property was wrong, we don't enforce it with
!important in the UA stylesheets for <input> (we do for <textarea> though), so
I've kept the flag since it really applies.

It had got outdated.

Depends on D37717


None of the properties in this module apply to the ::first-line and
::first-letter pseudo-elements.

Depends on D37718

The assertion in ensures I got this right.

Depends on D37719

Assignee: nobody → emilio
Type: defect → task
Priority: -- → P3
Pushed by
Don't apply property restrictions to pseudo-elements in UA stylesheets. r=boris
Update spec link for font-variation-settings. r=boris
scroll-margin properties shouldn't apply to first-line / first-letter. r=boris
Centralize property restrictions. r=boris
Set the property restrictions flags from the centralized list. r=boris
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