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Teach loadinfo if navigation was form-submission


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The code within HTMLFormSubmission [1] needs to pass the CSP so navigate-to can query it within the docshell.


Hey Nika, when implementing CSP 'navigate-to', we need to discard the 'navigate-to' directive in case 'form-action' is set. To do that we would need to know whether a docshell load originated from a form submission. I looked through docshell code and couldn't find anything. I would suggest we extend OnLinkClickSync() [1] by an additional boolean argument indicating the load originated from a form submission here [2].

Would you agree to that or is there a better alternative already available within docshell which allows us to query whether a load originated from a form submission?


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That sounds plausible, but I'm going to 302 :bz this one.

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OnLinkClickSync can just examine aContent->IsHTMLElement(nsGkAtoms::form) to determine whether we're doing a form submission, right?

You presumably need to add the "is a form submission state" to LoadInfo so you can implement correctly, so will need to add it to nsDocShellLoadState or something. But you don't need a new argument on OnLinkClickSync, afaict.

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Summary: HTMLFormSubmission needs to pass CSP to OnLinkClickSync → Teach loadinfo if navigation was form-submission

The flag in loadinfo can be used to detect if a load was initiated by a form submission. This is crucial for implmenting the CSP directive navigate-to.

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Added flag to detect if a load was initiated by a form submission r=ckerschb

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