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Avoid loading JSMs eagerly in ActivityStream.jsm and other Activity Stream modules


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Firefox 70
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ActivityStream.jsm loads JSM's eagerly here:

It looks like this was done in bug 1376984 to avoid the overhead from XPCOMUtils.

Thankfully, I believe these days, ChromeUtils.defineModuleGetter has far less overhead than XPCOMUtils, so we might be able to make these JSMs lazy again - presuming there exist ones that aren't going to be used immediately after ActivityStream.jsm loads.

Here's a profile demonstrating the impact of loading all of these JSM's eagerly:

The time spans roughly 200ms.

I'll also note that the OnboardingMessageProvider.jsm also loads some JSMs eagerly here:

There might be some cheap start-up wins if we switch these all to use ChromeUtils.defineModuleGetter instead.

Here's an example of the impact of loading these JSMs eagerly on a fresh start (brand new profile):

This time is greatly magnified, probably because the JSMs aren't being loaded from the StartupCache - the imports span a period of about 4 seconds.

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I'm going to be on PTO next week, and will be unable to test this on my 2018 reference device frame recording rig... Scott, do you think you'd have a moment to test this patch to see what (if any) impact there is on cold start-up times for about:home?

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Hey sorry just saw this (Holiday Monday through me off), yeah I can try to fit it in today or tomorrow. That work?

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Hi Scott,
I think that will work. Thank you.

Looks like there is a benefit from making these changes, more details here:

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load JSMs lazily in ActivityStream.jsm and OnboardingMessageProvider.jsm. r=mconley
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