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Mozregression support for Firefox Reality browser


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Hi, team! We’ve started finding regressions from a version to another in Firefox Reality browser for VR devices. Right now there is no way to pinpoint the change that caused them from QA perspective due to the fact that Mozregression only supports the Desktop and Mobile (Phones & Tablets) browsers. Which means that only developers could do this, but this will probably be time consuming for them also.

Since the VR devices are based on Android, is there a chance to make mozregression available for Firefox Reality browser also? As the project evolves more and more, it would greatly help us to find the exact cause of regressions.

Gelu: I've heard about the project but don't know much other than that it exists. Do you have pointers to where you are downloading builds, what the hardware requirements are for installing it and any other information you may have?

Thank you for the quick response and sorry for the late reply.
The GitHub repo for the project is here:
Here you can find the link to the latest build:, there is a .apk for each headset.

As for the hardware we use different types of VR headsets: Oculus Go, Oculus Quest, HTC Vive Focus, HTC Vive Focus Plus and Lenovo Mirage Solo.
We use sideloading to install/uninstall builds, to open web pages directly in Firefox Reality (FxR) and to make screen recordings or screen captures.
The GitHub repo has all this information and more.

Sideloading is just normal installations of apks outside of the play store so probably just an adb install. The noapi versions would probably be a good starting point since you can install them on normal android devices from what I can see. I can't really find a taskcluster index to find builds in general though. Bringing jmaher into the loop to see if this can be scheduled.

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Gelu, are you planning on adding support for this to mozregression?

We don't have any firefox reality devices, nor is there scheduled/formal support for mozregression. With that said, if there are issues trying to figure out how to solve some technical detail inside of mozregression it makes sense to ask for help.

Possibly :bc could mentor Gelu in adding support for this?

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This is probably similar in scope to making mozregression support fenix, might be good to both at the same time.

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It was more of a request that we could squeeze somehow the support for Firefox Reality browser builds.
I don't have the knowledge to do it myself, I'm just doing manual QA on the browser, and having Mozregression would have helped us in finding regression causes.

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