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Target should be used to fetch any other target scoped front


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For now, a Map of thread actor ID is being maintainted over here:

        newWorkerClients[] = {
          url: workerTargetFront.url,
          thread: workerThread,
          console: consoleFront,

This clearly replicates the Target fronts and its TargetMixin class. Targets expose url and the getFront method to access any other target scoped front like console, thread, but also the inspector and all other similar fronts.

The current doesn't scale, especially when this pattern escape from the debugger into the console.

By using the thread actor ID as a key in the console:

         const state = this.hud.getDebuggerFrames();

         const grip = state.frames[state.selected];

         return {
            client: this.hud.lookupConsoleClient(grip.thread),

It forces us to have to call some function of the debugger, lookupConsoleClient in order to derivate the console front out of the thread actor ID.

Instead, if the debugger would have passed the target front out of DebuggerPanel.getFrames, we would have more naturally retrieved the console front via target.getFront("console").
The same actually applies to the internals of the debugger. The whole newWorkerClients map could actually be a map of targets.

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Use target instead of thread as greatest common divisor. r=loganfsmyth,nchevobbe
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Use target instead of thread as greatest common divisor. r=loganfsmyth,nchevobbe
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