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Recover when replaying processes crash


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If a replaying process crashes, we should be able to recover and continue the debugging session with little interruption for the user. There used to be a mechanism for this, but it was removed as it could lead to long delays for users --- when a process crashed, we would start a new one and bring it to the exact same point as the old one before the user could resume interacting with the tab. With the new control architecture, it is possible to do much better here. Most of the time, replaying processes are running tasks asynchronously in the background; if one of them crashes, we start a new one and the new set of processes will continue running tasks and sharing duties. Sometimes the crashed process is one which is being brought to a point where the tab is paused, but in this case we can just pick another process (whichever is closest to the target point) to take over that job.

The attached patch adds this functionality, though for simplicity there are a couple cases in which a replaying process crash will bring down the whole tab. This patch also fixes some other bugs around crash reporting:

  • If a recording process crashes, the middleman was not getting notified and didn't exit, leaving the tab in an unresponsive state instead of a crashed one.

  • If a replaying process hangs while processing an asynchronous task, we never detect the hang and the tab could end up in an unresponsive state when e.g. resuming.

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Part 1 - Recover from replaying process crashes, r=loganfsmyth.
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Part 2 - Associate replaying process crash reports with their own pid, r=gsvelto.
Part 3 - Generate replaying process crash reports when requested by the middleman, r=mccr8.
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