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Crash when opening file dialog (on elementary OS at least)


(Firefox :: Untriaged, defect)

69 Branch
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(Reporter: ana, Unassigned, NeedInfo)


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Steps to reproduce:

The bug doesn't seem to be totally deterministic, but happens very often (like one out of three times). To trigger it, I simply open a file dialog (with an <input type="file"> for instance).

Actual results:

Firefox crashes and closes itself before even showing the dialog.

Expected results:

The dialog should have appeared without a crash, and I should have been able to select a file to upload.

Summary: Crash when opening file dialog on elementary OS → Crash when opening file dialog (on elementary OS at least)

Thanks for reporting. If you have a crash report from about:crashes, please add it to this bug.

Flags: needinfo?(ana)

I don't have access to about:crashed in my Firefox, but I will try to reproduce with another one and to send you the report.

I'm able to duplicate this bug I'm running Arch Linux under KDE Plasma 5 desktop with most recent updates. Every time I try to upload a file, Firefox 69 is crashing. It doesn't matter what website I use, if I try to upload, it will immediately crash.

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