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Register as a webp handler


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Firefox 72
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I noticed Chrome registers as the default handler (despite not having default browser status) for webp. We support this now, we should add webp as a supported extension and possibly take ownership of handling it when Firefox is the default.

I never like to do things just because Chrome does them, but it looks like there isn't any good default handler for this file type built in (at least as of Windows 10 1903), so we really would be adding value by providing a handler ourselves.

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Hi there, I am a final year computer science student from the University of Toronto. I am interested in this bug. Could you please give me any tips on how to start this? Can I work on this?

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You can absolutely work on this! Thanks for asking. Recently, someone else did essentially the same thing but for .svg files over in bug 455086, so check this comment over there for some background on how to get started and then have a look at the patch on that bug; this bug should need exactly the same set of changes, but adding lines for .webp instead of .svg.

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Thank you so much! I will start to work on this weekend.

Thanks! I'll assign you to this bug to record that someone is working on it.

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Depends on D52715

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Add webp handler to correct place. r=mhowell
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