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Consider showing a temporary popup when users make permanent permission decisions


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Conversation from bug 1570674:

It might be nice that once you click "Never" we show a little popup "You can revisit your decision anytime" or some such pointing to the UI to revisit past decisions to let users learn that it is possible. Similar to the "undo" UI you see popping up in software.

I actually think this is a really nice idea. We have been using this style of notification a lot more recently (e.g. when you disable protections in the protections panel) and we could show a similar popup pointing to the identity panel when the user makes a permission decision. This would probably allow us to enforce stronger defaults and IMO it's a great pattern.

This probably needs some UX work.

Component: Site Identity → Site Permissions

Hello Johann
Can I take up this issue?
Also please guide how can I get started?
Thanks :)

Adding needinfo from Johann ^

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I don't think this is actionable without some input from our UX team, sorry.

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Okay no problem :)

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