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nested-context-navigations-iframe.html passes by accident


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nested-context-navigations-iframe.html's history.back() tests work only because they use which does back() within a load event listener, which means in Gecko the current session history entry is replaced by a new load.

Bug 1563587 makes history.back() asynchronous, and the test starts to fail.
But the test fails already now if one uses setTimout
window.onload = function() { setTimeout("history.back();")}

The test passes with or without the timeout in other browsers which already have
asynchronous history.back()

aha, only on some platform

Duplicate of this bug: 1574738
See Also: → 1575437

Yes, that is what I'm planning to do, just update the expectations. The actual bug has been there before Bug 1563587.

Flags: needinfo?(bugs)

I have no plans to fix this particular bug atm, just let the test pass or fail. So the .ini change shouldn't happen in this bug.

So far I haven't figured out how to mark a test intermittently passing/failing.
expected: [PASS, FAIL] in .ini doesn't work.
I guess I just disable

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