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Add SUMO content for new Skyline in-product links


(Firefox :: Protections UI, task, P1)






(Reporter: johannh, Assigned: betsymi)


(Blocks 1 open bug)


(Whiteboard: [skyline][privacy-panel][protection-report][stp])

Currently these links just lead to 404 pages. Setting up this bug for tracking the work for making all the support content appear.

The pages are set up now so you shouldn't see any more 404 pages. If you still do, please let me know.

Hi Joni and Betsy, thanks for putting those up. I looked over them and they look great! A few nits:

To evade the cost, cryptojackers deploy these scripts on other people’s computers without their consent to leach energy and power. Tracking content
  • That video contains trackers. on ( Technically it would be more correct to say "The code that loads the video contains trackers"

  • If parts of a page don’t work or appear, open the shield to turn protections off. This will allow all content to load, including its trackers.: Maybe a link to the other article about turning off would be good here?

  • Check the email address in the sender's field. Firefox Monitor emails will always come from That seems like really bad advice. It is trivial to spoof the sender of an email.

    I'm not sure what the exact threat model for spoofed monitor emails is, so take my advice with some caution, but I presume the biggest issue could be pretend "breaches" that lead to sites that ask you to verify your email and password in order to see if they were "really breached". In this case it's probably a better idea to call out that we will never ask for passwords or other personal information (apart from the initially entered email address) and that users should always make sure that links from these emails really lead to "" directly. In doubt it is always better to type "" in your address bar.

Let me know if you have any questions!


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Thanks Johann, much appreciated. Joni, can you make the edits for points 1-3? I am going to circle back with Luke for his recommendation for the Monitor question.

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@johannh, thanks for the feedback. I've edited the articles based on the first 3 points. As for the last suggestion, I'll wait for Betsy's feedback before I make any changes to the Monitor article.

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I think we can close this as the required changes for this bug have been made. Joni, needinfo to check in on the monitor feedback. Do you want me to file a follow-up bug?

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@johannh, yes, please file a follow-up bug and need-info me. Thanks!

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