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Improve process labels and icons


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We currently show Processes as if they are workers in the sources tree and as if they are threads in the Threads pane. Neither case is it ideal :).

  • We should show a better label, perhaps based off of a title or url.
  • We should use a different icon, perhaps based off a favicon or other metadata we have.

We could also just do something generic like "Content Process 2" with a gear or something if we do not want to invest too much into heuristics.

Here's what we currently have in the browser toolbox if you enable the browsertoolbox fission pref.

I'm curious what others think would some good heuristics for a process label and icon in the sources tree?

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Whatever decisions we make for the process label and icon should also apply for the threads pane

Summary: Improve the Source Tree's Process label and icon → Improve process labels and icons
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You could potentially use the content process id -- we don't have any other identifying information for those processes... So for example "Content Process <id>". Regarding the icons -- I think talking to Victoria would be the best idea

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Improve process labels and icons. r=davidwalsh,yulia
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clearing ni

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