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accessible/tests/mochitest/role/test_aria.html contains XHTML even though the file is HTML


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Discovered while reviewing (bug 1357071).

accessible/tests/mochitest/role/test_aria.html contains lots of self-closing XHTML tags (/>). For example:

<span id="aria_alert" role="alert"/>

However, this is definitely an HTMl file, not an XHTML file:

<!DOCTYPE html>

The practical upshot is that these tags that are supposed to close never do. We end up with an alert containing an alertdialog containing an application... and so on. Because these are just role tests, this normally isn't noticeable. However, it does have an impact for roles like region which change depending on whether there is a name, which is why the ARIA implicit value work (bug 1357071) broke this. (See for specific details.)

For the specific case breaking bug 1357071, we'll land a fix for that there. However, we should still fix the rest of these.

Mentor: jteh
Whiteboard: [lang=html]

I would like to help with this fix, but I am not experienced with contributions so I would need some guidance there.

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Sure! Thanks for your willingness to help!

With regard to how to contribute, these documents are a good place to start:
There's a bunch of other related documentation here:

With regard to this specific change, it's a change which only touches the test case. You'll need to make the changes as described in comment 0, then run the test and confirm that it works:
./mach mochitest accessible/tests/mochitest/role/test_aria.html
If it's all good, you're ready to submit the patch as per the documentation above.


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I want to contribute to this.

Thank you for your willingness to help! You can find instructions in comment #2.

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accessible/tests/mochitest/role/test_aria.html contains XHTML even though the file is HTML. r=Jamie
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