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Namespace all Glean metrics, to prevent duplicates


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1523977 added a probe scraper feature to detect duplicate metrics at probe_scraper time. It would be nice (if possible) to also catch duplicates at build time.

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Attached file Mini-proposal

After discussion on the mini-proposal, it was decided to solve this problem by namespacing all Glean metrics. This neatly sidesteps the problem of detecting for duplicates at build time.

Summary: Catch duplicate metrics at build time → Namespace all Glean metrics, to prevent duplicates
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Whiteboard: [telemetry:glean-rs:m8][schema-v2] → [telemetry:glean-rs:m10][schema-v2]

Hey Mike, I'm moving this to backlog. This has a [schema-v2] tag, will it happen in Q4?

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We should talk about when we want to do a schema revision, I guess. I very much doubt it will happen in Q4 at this point.

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See Also: → 1604496
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Blocks: 1598247
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