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Upgrade PostgreSQL by 13 Nov 2019


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From an email from Heroku:

PostgreSQL 9.4 reaches End of Life on 2020-Feb-13. Due to security and operational concerns, Heroku cannot run unsupported software as a service. Therefore, the following database will need to be updated before 2020-Feb-13:

App: mozilla-pontoon

Database: rolling-carefully-5193::HEROKU_POSTGRESQL_GREEN_URL

You have two options:

Before 2019-Nov-13, you can schedule a time to perform an upgrade to version 9.6 or more. Typically, you will have around 10 minutes downtime. You may want additional time to ensure that everything works properly after the upgrade.

After 2019-Nov-13, we will schedule an automatic upgrade to 9.6. This forced upgrade will incur significant downtime for the database and associated app(s), which can reach 12 hours in extreme cases.

All upgrades must be completed by 2020-Feb-13. We reserve the right to deprovision any database not upgraded at that time.

We recognize that deprecations and upgrades impact your productivity and customer experience. We think it’s worth the effort to run on secure and supported software. Please email with questions or concerns.

Best regards,

The Heroku Data Team

Upgrade instructions and version support:

I might be a bit paranoid, but I'm not sure we should have this bug public, with details of the software used for Pontoon in prod.

Group: mozilla-employee-confidential

What do we need to actually do here? Do we expect to have to do any code changes? Updating psycopg2 per ?

I see that we have the following versions we could upgrade to?

  • 11 (default)
  • 10
  • 9.6

I also see that we're testing against 9.4 on travis, but docker-compose doesn't specify a pg version at all? What do folks actually test against locally?

Which should we pick?

We need to pick the upgrade method and execute it:

IIRC we used pg:copy the last time.

We should test with staging first.

I don't know which version to upgrade to.

I'm expecting to have more time to look into this the week after the next week.

I'll try to bump stage to version 11 and see how it goes.

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Stage worked fine so I went ahead and upgraded Prod, too.

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