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Asseco DS / Certum: non-audited intermediate certificate


(NSS :: CA Certificate Compliance, task)

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(Reporter: kwilson, Assigned: aleksandra.kapinos)


(Whiteboard: [ca-compliance])

Looking at I found that the following intermediate certificate is not listed in scope of an audit statement.

This cert either needs to be revoked and added to OnCRL, or needs to be included in scope of appropriate audits and audit statements.

Subject Root Certification Authority RSA; O=SSL Corporation; C=US
CN=Certum Trusted Network CA; OU=Certum Certification Authority; O=Unizeto Technologies S.A.; C=PL
SHA-256 Fingerprint

This certificate are showed up in the new audit statement which covered the period March 27, 2018 to 4 March, 2019. Today, we updated the new audit report in CCADB and in Certum website

Summary: Asseco/Certum: non-audited intermediate certificate → Asseco DS / Certum: non-audited intermediate certificate
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