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Android contains multiple libraries


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I'm finding that the full crashreporter symbols contains multiple{dbg.gz,sym} files. For example,

$ wget
$ unzip -l | grep libxul
311465108  01-01-2010 00:00
147369024  01-01-2010 00:00
337076660  01-01-2010 00:00
169368571  01-01-2010 00:00

Presumably this is wrong. It's definitely regressing full symbols in artifact builds (Bug 1535501).

froydnj: is this expected? Thoughts?

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(In reply to Nick Alexander :nalexander [he/him] from comment #1)

froydnj: is this expected? Thoughts?

This is expected and AFAIK has been the case for some time. One of these is for libxul and the other is for libxul-gtest.

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