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Create a muted state for the PiP indicator icon in the tab


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Affected versions:
Nightly 71.0a1 (2019-09-18)
Beta 70.0b7

Affected platforms:
Windows 7/10

Steps to reproduce:

  • Launch Nightly and Beta
  • Go to any video hosting sites, such as youtube
  • Play a video and toggle it in the PiP window
  • Mute the video by clicking on the PiP indicator icon from the tab

Expected result:
The PiP indicator icon should change to a muted version, as it can be observed for the "Mute tab" icon.

Actual Result:
PiP indicator icon remains the same, the user has to actually listen to the sound in order to know if it's muted or not.

Hey JSON_Voorhees, was this an intentional choice, to have the PiP indicator override the tab muted state?

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I thought I answered this, sorry.

It was intentional, we talked about showing the audio indicator icon on hover, so that users could still mute the tab it if was pinned.

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Build ID 20191122091512
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This issue is also reproducible on Nightly 72 on macOS.

No longer blocks: 1532675
OS: Windows 10 → All
Version: unspecified → Trunk
See Also: → 1612648

This should be fixed by bug 1612648.

¡Hola y'all!

Just noticed that the mute indicator obscures the favicon.

Should this be a separate bug or is this one it?

Alice0775 suggested this userChrome.css over at :

.tab-icon-sound[pictureinpicture][muted] {
fill: #aaaaaa !important;

PiP is getting really pretty lately. Thanks y'all for the continued work on it.


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Hi alex_mayorga,

This is intentional behaviour - when using PiP, we want to make it more obvious how to mute the whole tab, so we're re-using the favicon overlay toggle from when the tab is pinned.

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The Proton interface changed things dramatically, and now we show a "Picture-in-Picture" label under the page title when there's a video in PiP. I think we can close this one out as INVALID now.

Closed: 3 years ago
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