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Write a gTest for mozilla::dom::DOMParser::CreateWithoutGlobal()


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M-C provides the mozilla::dom::DOMParser::CreateWithoutGlobal() function for us, but it's not tested anywhere, see bug 1454842 comment #13.

TB's processing of HTML mail relies on that function, see:

I'm sure other tests would pick up a failure, but we should also test the function directly now that we have gTests in automation.

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C-C version: 1583348-gtest-parser.patch

Let's see whether we can stick the test into M-C. I'll prepare a patch for that.
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Hello Boris, this is a follow-up to bug 1454842 comment #11. Can we implement this test in M-C so we notice a problem before it's committed? mach gtest TestParser* runs the test successfully. Please let me know which changes you require. Or whether you prefer not to have it in M-C.

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M-C version: 1583348-gtest-parser.patch

>+  nsString htmlInput;
>+  htmlInput.AssignLiteral(
>+      "<html><head>"
>+      "<meta http-equiv=\"content-type\" content=\"text/html; charset=\">"
>+      "</head><body>Hello <b>Thunderbird!</b></body></html>");

Any reason this is not NS_NAMED_LITERAL_STRING?

>+    RefPtr<mozilla::dom::DOMParser> parser =
>+        mozilla::dom::DOMParser::CreateWithoutGlobal(rv2);

If rv2 here fails, something needs to happen.  Probably break?

>+    nsCOMPtr<mozilla::dom::Document> document = parser->ParseFromString(
>+        htmlInput, mozilla::dom::SupportedType::Text_html, rv2);
>+    if (rv2.Failed()) break;

rv2 should be an IgnoredErrorResult; otherwise this will assert if the failure path is taken.

>+    printf("all tests passed\n");

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Thanks, Boris, could you stick the r+ onto it one more time.

The answer to all your questions is possibly lack of experience.

mach gtest TestParser* still passes.

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Dear sheriff, can you please land the attached patch the old-fashioned way.

Please import the patch with
hg qimport bz:1583348
hg qimport -n 1583348.patch
to avoid changing the author.

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Implement gTest for mozilla::dom::DOMParser::CreateWithoutGlobal(). r=bz

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