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Provide mechanism for renaming suite/test names


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This is an old problem that tends to haunt us from time to time.

Suite/test names for perf tests can get very big, ugly & hard to read.
Renaming them disconnects the data points.

Warning: implementation details bellow! May turn out to be a bad track!
I think we should treat the suite/test names we already have as untouchable. Don't ever try to rename them, even if they have a typo.

Then create the concept of public suite/test names. Renaming them won't disconnect the data points. But it will reflect in all Perfherder's views, improving readability for them by a lot (where needed).

For this to work, I think a new table with a max of 4 fields like initial_suite, initial_test, public_suite_name, public_test_name would do the trick.
initial_suite & initial_test could be indexed & treated as a composite unique key, for faster joins. initial_suite & initial_test are basically foreign keys pointing to our existing suite & test names.

I like the idea of the test name having an alternative name for presentation purposes.

Thinking more about this, I don't consider we yet need a new table.
Simply providing new columns to the existing performance_signature table should do the required job.

Depends on: 1587017

We'll also need a web API for doing the actual updates.

Depends on: 1587018
Depends on: 1587019
Depends on: 1587020
Keywords: meta
Priority: -- → P3
Depends on: 1597633
Depends on: 1597634
Depends on: 1597635
Blocks: 1550745

Could we close this bug? It feels like low priority & the implementation done so far wasn't the best approach.

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Agreed, this hasn't really been an issue for us for some time.

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Closed: 4 months ago
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