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spacebar does not scroll in print preview


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buildID: 2002061401

Hitting space in print preview mode doesn't scroll.  Only PageDown works.

(always reproducible)
1. Print preview
2. Press spacebar
this was also mentioned in bug 111432 comment 1
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Attached patch patch (obsolete) — Splinter Review
This makes spacebar scrolling in print preview work for me.
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>-                                  nsIDOMKeyEvent::DOM_VK_TAB, 0};
>+                                  nsIDOMKeyEvent::DOM_VK_TAB, nsIDOMKeyEvent::DOM_VK_SPACE, 0};
Don't need to list space here, it's always a char code.

>     keyEvent->GetShiftKey(&b);
>     if (b) return PR_FALSE;
>     PRUint32 keyCode;
>     keyEvent->GetKeyCode(&keyCode);
>+    PRUint32 charCode;
>+    keyEvent->GetCharCode(&charCode);
>     PRInt32 i = 0;
>     while (kOKKeyCodes[i] != 0) {
>-      if (keyCode == kOKKeyCodes[i]) {
>+      if ((keyCode == kOKKeyCodes[i]) || (charCode == 0x20)) {
No point checking the charCode inside the loop. In fact, as Shift+Space is
legal for page up you might want to move it to before the shift test. Also you
should compare it to ' ' for readability.
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Attached patch patch2 (obsolete) — Splinter Review
Thanks, Neil. All your comments seems logical to me, but for some reason I need
to keep nsIDOMKeyEvent::DOM_VK_SPACE in, otherwise it doesn't work.
Also, I can't get Shift->spacebar scrolling to work.
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Neil, maybe you know why I get these results in comment 5? Thanks.
(In reply to comment #6)
>Neil, maybe you know why I get these results in comment 5? Thanks.
Ah, this is due to aaron's keydown prevents keypress code, so we need to allow
space twice, once as a keydown of DOM_VK_SPACE and once as a keypress of " ".
We also need to allow the shift key in both cases. Maybe it would be easier to
write some special-case code rather than trying to hook into the existing loop?
Or remove the keypress eventlistener, which should be safe, because the keydown
eventlisteners prevents keypress events of firing, not? But that doesn't seem to
change anything.
Attached patch patch3 (obsolete) — Splinter Review
Off course! The shift key also gets blocked. Why not remove that block? That
can't hurt anything, can it? And those keypress event listeners could also be
removed safely, I guess, since keydown also blocks keypress automatically.
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What I don't want to happen is for a keypress to either a) activate a shortcut
or b) run a script, when it shouldn't (see bug 245024 for a click example).
Comment on attachment 188327 [details] [diff] [review]

>-    mEventTarget->AddEventListener(NS_LITERAL_STRING("keypress"), this, true);
Although it's true that calling PreventDefault on the keydown now calls
PreventDefault on the keypress that doesn't handle the StopPropagation case.
r=me on the rest of the patch.
Attached patch patch4 (obsolete) — Splinter Review
Ok, I've put it back in this patch.
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Attached patch Patch rev. 5Splinter Review
Propagate DOM_VK_SPACE and ' ' with and without SHIFT (but nothing else).
I have tested this on Windows and Linux.
Assignee: rods → mats.palmgren
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Checked in to trunk 2005-07-25 17:21 PDT

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Verified FIXED using build 2005-07-26-05 on Windows XP SeaMonkey trunk.
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